Teaching Assistant at MIT


International Economics I (2022 Fall)

Economic Crisis (2021 Spring)


International Trade (2022 Fall)

Market Design (2021 Fall)

Environmental Policy and Economics (2021 Spring)

Psychology and Economics (2020 Fall) 

Excerpts from subject evaluations 

"Bumsoo was a wonderful TA. His recitation was very helpful. He always asked us if we understood a topic/concept, and if he didn't, he happily answered question or reviewed what we needed. He was incredibly patient and was available beyond recitation, too. He answered questions over email, too, and responded in an extremely timely manner."

"Bumsoo was very helpful in answering questions and was supportive in building student's confidence about their abilities to think about economics."

"He is very good at simplifying confusing concepts and answering questions."

"Extremely clear and amazing examples!"

Teaching Assistant at Princeton (Undergraduate)

Complex Analysis, Game Theory, Combinatorial Mathematics